Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Every year a lot of people ask plastic surgeons  information on how to improve the appearance  of their nose. Some are not happy with their looks since birth, some others suffered an accident or some more they don’t just breath right.. Irrelevant of their motive it is a fact that nothing effects how we look more than the nose. It is a primary characteristic that an alteration can dramatically change our image. Any successful  outcome in plastic surgery is mainly a result of good communication between the doctor and the patient.  Realistic expectations and trust are  necessities. These issues will be addressed in our meetings.

Is Rhinoplasty right for you?

Like in every surgical option in our specialty good health and realistic expectations are mandatory.  In Rhinoplasty there is not ONE good result. Our focus is to improve how your nose looks in harmony with your facial characteristics.

Shape, size and skin quality are elements that we must take in account. We can only perform surgery only after the age of 16, very rarely earlier if breathing problems are very serious. Sometimes we treat other parts of the face simultaneously  like ear surgery , chin augmentation or reduction.

Deciding on Surgery

Our meeting live or virtual is very important in determining that we have common goals. The shape of the nose is very important, but equally important are other factors like for example the quality of your skin or the overall shape of your face. We can digitally alter your photos in order to have a rough estimate on how your looks will be.

Your medical history, the actual surgical procedure, the healing process and finally the risks of surgery will be discussed in detail.

Understanding the Surgical Procedure

In Rhinoplasty we aim to alter the shape of the nose by altering the nose skeleton. The skin will adjust gradually in its final position. Usually I use internal incisions but sometimes especially in secondary cases I may use an external incision that heals without a visible scar.

We use absorbable sutures and a light cast on top of the nose. The first postoperative day we use a special gauze to tabonaze the nose. Surgery is not painful, usually paracetamol as painkiller is used. There maybe swelling around the eyes that lasts for a week in women and 10 days in men.

What to expect after Surgery

It is very important to follow in detail all the postoperative instructions like for example to be careful when blowing your nose or to apply ice packs to reduce the edema. Some activities of high intensity like sports should be avoided for about 6 weeks and reduce the likelyhood of injury. Also be careful if you use glasses.

The final result is there after 1,5 years for men and 1 year for women so don’t hurry up to decide just by the first looks. It is under stable to be anxious on how you look but the swelling takes time to go down.